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August 3, 2006
The Dichotomy of Mel Gibson A Genuine Celebrity Dad #5?

mg.jpgI have been struggling all week as to my feelings about Mel Gibson’s tirade, DUI, and antisemitic remarks.  Let me be the first to say that I have never been drunk and said things I regretted saying or things I have done.  If you actually believe that then I’m a better actor than Gibson ever was.  If anyone out there has been drunk, then I would bet you too have some actions that you might regret or have said things you would like to take back.  Alcohol is not bigoted, as it can make anyone stupid (Daddy we don’t say that word).

I know Gibson is a deeply religious man, and we all heard about that when he made the highly acclaimed film The Passion of The Christ.  He has deep seeded beliefs, and he has remained consistent in that realm.  Does he actually believe the racist and despicable statements he made?  I can’t be sure but you can bet if growing up with a father that had these beliefs, he may have some underlying thoughts along those lines.  It’s not much different than me not liking the Oakland Raiders because I’m a Broncos fan and passing those beliefs on to my children. If his father, Hutton Gibson, was zealous in teaching his son, you can imagine the ambiguity he would face growing up.

I know Gibson was not apologizing to me because there is not a Jewish bone in my body.  I do accept his apology however and hope that his demons can be slain. mg2.gifSometimes it is easy to forgive, but hard to forget.  It will be interesting to watch as time goes on and whether these demons return. It seems that he has had problems with alcohol his entire life, and like any other disease I hope he can be cured.

Mel Gibson has been married for 26 years and he and his wife have 7 children, a daughter and six sons.  I mention him as a Genuine Celebrity Dad not because I endorse him as a husband and father.  I merely hope that he can pass some wisdom on to his sons that being like him may have consequences, that drinking can make things bad for you, and that racism or bigotry in any form should not be tolerated. As an actor and director I praise his talent and his work, but as a father this is not the example he should be setting.  I have no doubt he loves his family, this is a great opportunity to show us how much.

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  9 Responses to “The Dichotomy of Mel Gibson A Genuine Celebrity Dad #5?”

  1. Shelli Says:

    This was very well written and compassionate. Just because he is Christian, doesn’t make him less human. Jesus died on the cross because we are human and to forgive us for those mistakes. He is human and I believe what you say about his father is true.

    Quite frankly, I wish people would just let it go already. Don’t they have anything better to do? They aren’t being any more Christian or humane than he was being.

  2. Kristina Says:

    Just as most of us have, I’ve said and done a lot of things while I was drunk that I would not normally have done when I was sober. But….I did actually believe all of the things I said at the time – I just would not normally have said them out loud.

    I bet Mel’s problems go further than just with alcohol. I hope he can get well, and wish him all the best.

  3. kenju Says:

    I don’t think being drunk makes it possible for you to say things you don’t believe (unless you are telling a woman she is pretty in order to get in her pants).
    I heard today (but cannot prove) that Mel says his wife is not going to Heaven because she is not a Catholic. What about that? (If it is true)

  4. Hula Doula Says:

    The few and far between times that I have been drunk off my tush I danced with an ugly cowboy, got into a stranger’s car (with my partying entourage) and hung out their sunroof exclaiming over and over how I couldn’t wait to get my soon to be husband in bed. (blush) I literally licked carpet after stumbling over my own feet. I pinched a stranger’s tush. (I am a very lovey drunk) I roller skated through downtown Tampa (with your brother) and nearly ended up in the river. I also prayed to be delivered from the headache and throwing up that nearly landed my in the hospital twice. (Now you know why I don’t do it that often. The sucky part outweighs the fun) I did say an do some things that I certainly did not mean and am not proud of to say the least. It was like my brain was on stupid. In my book, Mel should get help. A Jewish leader has taken him up on his plea for help. Hopefully he can get through it.

  5. Cindy Says:

    I got a few questions for you, not related to this post. Are you close to Aurora, Colorado? Do you use Firefox? Is your ISP Comcast Cable? And does your ip address start with 67.190, and fonally, were you surfing BE this morning and run across my site?

  6. Cindy Says:


  7. Nit Opastirakul Says:

    To Sir
    I’m Buddhism and respect all State Religions because their teacher prescribed the good instruction for human being.We should not use the religion made wrong point of view.Only human interprete different way,up to their custom and culture, all can be connected even politic.You can learn from the history but it is deplorable,we still make same mistake then let our God stay in heaven.I think the God will say “That’s it,up to you not my business any more”
    I do like Mel Gibson and keep continue collect his DVD movies.Drunken people are not related with religion but psychology.It’s about thrie compensate behavior when they have frustration then they find the way out of reallity.
    My husband always drinks 4 big bottles of Singh beer everyday for nine months because his business has to meet many people and Thai middle social like to have a drink when they have their parties.But in Buddhist Lent he can stop three months and I have son,daughter. The children always love and take care their father when he start drinking.
    Our God kepp stay in our peaceful mind.
    God bless you and your family.
    Yours Sincerlly
    Nit Opastirakul

  8. Amanda Says:

    My mom was/is an alcoholic. She hasn’t had a drink in about 10 years. When I was 15 years old she told me while she was drunk that she wished it had been me that had died at birth and not my brother.

    The whole point to the above paragraph was to show that people say some pretty stupid things when they are drunk. My mom didn’t really wish I had died. Mel Gibson seems like a decent fellow and he is a talented actor. He shouldn’t be condemned because of one very idiotic statement said while under the influence of alcohol.

    Great post!

  9. Man With A Van Birmingham Says:

    I understand where you’re coming from. Ive been a fan of Mel Gibson for ages but with his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva telling the world today she feared that he might really hurt her during a fight they had in the news today its tough to know what to think. Anyways good post.

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