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September 8, 2006
The Path To 9/11, I Hope A Lesson Learned

The Internet and blogs are all a buzz about the ABC Miniseries airing on Sunday and Monday, September 10 and 11.  The Clinton Administration is up in arms about being portrayed as bumbling idiots (where have I heard that before?) and they are asking ABC to pull the show or edit it.

At first this was billed as a documentary, and they have since changed or edited their statement to say:

“The Path to 9/11 is a dramatization, not a documentary, drawn from a variety of sources, including the 9/11 commission report, other published materials and from personal interviews.”

I don’t necessarily blame anyone for a senseless act of violence on the part of terrorists. I have heard interviews with Cyrus Nowrasteh about how he wrote the miniseries and it sounds like he did some extensive research.  The movie had to be cut down for less than five hours of air time from eight years of history.  They had to drop parts of the events because it was too difficult to fit it all in to the time they had.  Perhaps this is a partisan ploy by the right to win votes or perhaps the left doesn’t want any of the truth to come out about what happened, but all I really know is we need to start protecting ourselves or it could happen again.

I have the Tivo fired up and I want to watch it before allowing my children to see it.  The history of that fateful event is beginning to be told, and we need to make sure we don’t get the story wrong.  Getting it wrong would not be a tribute to the 2,996 that died on that fateful day.  I want to pass along the event to my children and perhaps they will learn from history and be able to protect themselves and others from the next lunatic with violence in mind.

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  3 Responses to “The Path To 9/11, I Hope A Lesson Learned”

  1. cornfed Says:

    I also heard about this today.

    First G., “a partisan ploy by the right to win votes”? Please, we are talking about a television network here. That alone negates any possibility that “the right” has any involvement.

    What I really loved was that they Democratic party is up in arms about this docu-drama because it might make the Clinton look pretty bumbling. Never mind Free Speech. But wait, CBS is also airing (again) a 9/11 docu-drama in prime-time, un-edited, that contains pretty harsh profanity throughout.

    I guess using profanity in a family environment isn’t insulting to the Democrats, which that alone should be insulting to the Democrats. Got to protect that Free Speech, unless it makes them look dumb!

    Are light bulbs sold separately with them?

  2. Sharon Lamb Says:

    Yes, good to watch it before allowing your kids to see it. I find that even with these 911 stories, the narrative and the voice over and the people chosen, tend to fit certain stereotypes over and over again. I think that can be just as damaging as watching people jumping out of the windows. Nice to look around your blog!! Sharon

  3. Raggedy Says:

    I hopped over from Miss C.
    I agree we have to preview before we let the children see some of the video.
    Thanks for posting.

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