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November 9, 2011
Bad News Good News
This is one of those situations you do not want to see or experience as a father of four that relies on an expensive appliance to operate correctly like a dryer.  We do many loads of laundry a week, or should I say per day, and not having a dryer is like not having a scuba tank under water.  That would be the bad news.  The good news?  Look how much change i found in the lint duct and the blower cover!  I might be able to get some good coffee out of this fiasco.
I am trying my hand at appliance repair guy.  So far I have been able to take it all apart, but have no idea what I would fix if I new what it needed.  Part numbers and wires and everything else is scary, but not insurmountable.  Once I figure out how not to electrocute myself with the 220 power, yeah that’s lethal, and find out how to put it all back without spare parts, I will let you know.  For now, we still have the bad news and some good news.  I will report back if it turns out bad new bad news.  Or perhaps if the 220 power does its trick I won’t be able to.
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