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November 8, 2011
Social Media Experts Are Sexy


Connected by DROID on Verizon Wireless

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July 1, 2010
Classic Rap Video Showing “The Dad Life”

This is a classic look at The Dad Life.  I need to get a print out of the lyrics and frame them.  Great job guys!

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December 27, 2009
New Year But Same Old Dad

I will be trying to get things updated here more often then once a year or or once a quarter or whatever I have been doing now.  I have a new Posterous blog where I send pictures I take with my phone while I am on the move or when the new child (okay, not a human child, but a fur baby) does something cute or crazy.

What have you been up to?  What are your plans for 2010?  Who is having new babies these days?  I feel like I have not been around here since ….  wait I guess I haven’t.  Catch me up!

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