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July 30, 2007
Back To School…Pees…I mean…Please!

This weekend we had a great time picking out the perfect book bag, the perfect pencil carrier and the right color pencils and erasers.  Yes, it is getting close to back to school for us here and that means dad gets to cut the child force in half and eliminate the competition.  I can’t wait!  Is that bad?

On the other hand I love these statements:

Daddy?  Guess what?  I get to go to pee school! ~ Genuine Toddler

Well he does need to go there for sure, but he is referring to Vacation Bible School where he gets to go to an actual school like situation.  It allows daddy to practice being without children all day!  What will I possibly do with myself?  The other one that needs pee school?  Genuine Baby, he is showing some interest in potty training and won’t be 2 until August!  It must be Karma coming back to me a little.  Although, I just realized this post will bring in the kooks from Google.

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June 6, 2007
She Used That Verb Again

whttip sharkHow do you know you are rubbing off on your kids? I used to hate it when I would ask my parents how to spell something and they would tell me to go and look it up. If I knew how to look it up I would probably know how to spell it! I thought that was the point. Whenever I have a hard time answering a question I turn to the all knowing man behind the curtain. This well thought out question came to me today.

Genuine Girl: If sharks never stop swimming do they ever sleep?

My deer in the headlights look must have shown itself quickly because she quickly added:

Genuine Girl: Well then can you Google it?

The Internet is changing how we all seem to learn these days. Even the function on Google can help a person spell. Just do it phoenitically and Google will ask you…”did you mean?” My parents ordered me some encyclopedias when I was little and I can still remember going to the post office a mile away on a walk each day to see if a new volume had shown up. I would rush home with the new volume and quickly look at all the pictures just absorbing as much info as possible. Now we turn to Google and can find out just about anything, or perhaps we can. So do sharks ever sleep? Google it and find out.



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November 30, 2006
Genuine Blogging Tip #86,5076

Yes, I think I have that many blogging tips somewhere around here.

If you really wanted to know how goofy my mind is these days, let me give you a working example.  I have so many RSS feeds I read, I can’t begin to get through all of them even if I were to be a speed reader or steroids.  I have to be honest, I have no idea what that list of blogs over there on the right is anymore, and if your blog is on there and you have moved or changed blogs or have died, please let me know and I might get around to changing the address, but rest assured all of those in that column over there are in a feed reader, and get glanced at unless you flash your boobs or something then I stop and smell the roses if you know what I mean.

As I began the morning reading at 7:00 a.m. I kept clicking on links in my feed reader only to realize that the clicking I was doing was not actually taking me to another link within the blogosphere.  I was not being taken to a blog with cool pictures or great stories or….okay Ben’s site showed me pictures of Britney’s nether regions but alas she did not actually flash her boobs.

Once I finally realized that I was not actually going from one browser window to the other and once I began to realize I was reading things faster than is my norm, I was given the light bulb moment only usually contained within blonde jokes.  My screen had some gunk on it.  Yes and it was that kind of gunk that I couldn’t possibly figure out unless I had a crack team from CSI here to tell me the contents.  Some was blue some was green and I’m not sure but some seamed clear without color.  My point is that I seemed to be clicking on those blue links that you see as we are trained to click on, but without the desired result.  A quick job of Windex, and I seem to be back to normal reading now.  If anyone would actually like the science project I just threw in the trash I would be happy to send it but my liability ends there.

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