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August 17, 2008
Desperately Seeking Baby

I was going through my search feeds this morning and ran across something that caught my eye. Not because it was about the lovely and overall hotness of Eva Longoria, although that in itself may be enough to get my attention, but the headline of the post.

Eva Longoria Parker “Desperately” Wants A Baby, Producer Says

acdt.jpg Yes, even I read The Celebrity Baby Blog, if nothing more than to find out that celebrities have a tough time raising kids. Well that is not usually what gets reported but you and I know better. The post title used apparently the quote from the producer.
Desperate. I never thought of having babies and the word desperate in the same sentence. Don’t get me wrong I know of many people that for one reason or another cannot have children. In fact, I read many infertility blogs about parents that have tried and failed to have children. The notion of that breaks my heart.

In my first marriage, both of us wanted children. We were both healthy adults and both prepared for our world as parents. For nearly seven years we tried. We tried ovulation charts and rhythm methods and many other tactics, even standing on your head just to see if it worked. This was all to no avail. I suppose it was a blessing as I later became divorced and would never speak another word to my ex-wife after that time. It was like a bad dream and a chapter in my book to get to the next and better part of my life.

Mrs. G and I never had a problem with the notion of conception. We often joked that every time my wife did the laundry, she turned up pregnant. No, that doesn’t mean that my wife only did laundry once a year. Nearly all of our married life was spent birthing our four children. I think we still need to figure out a way to be a married couple and not be pregnant, which in itself is an entirely whole other blog post.

Desperate. Why Eva is their desperation to have a child? Are we trying to keep up with the rest of the crowd in Hollywood? It seems that the new black is pregnancy these days. Do you think that a child and baby is going to fill a void in you and make you a whole person? If that is the case I’ll pray for you as you perhaps have more issues than you realize.

Having a child is a miracle. It is a blessing. God will provide that miracle and blessing when the time is right. In my first marriage, the time was not right. In my life with Mrs. G every time she did laundry the time was right. To my friends that are having problem with infertility, there is always a reason. Perhaps not the reason you may agree with, but there is a reason. All of you will be loving parents if the child comes as easy as mine have or if you must adopt or have other measures to accomplish your goals. Never be desperate, but know that when a child comes and you hold them for the first time, the only thing that remains desperate in your world is the health, the safety, and the welfare of that child.

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September 13, 2007
Vanessa Hudgens Is Naked In My House

My daughter is totally goo goo ga ga over Vanessa Hudgens who we all know has been in the news recently for appearing naked on the Internet.  I really don’t know what the big deal is, because Hudgens, better known as Gabriella from the movie High School Musical, is always naked these days in my house.


Gabriella was a doll my daughter received as a birthday present and like every other doll in the house, she is quickly stripped of clothing. We were glad that she has left the idea of being like Britney Spears, but now I’m not so sure about wanting to be like Gabriella.

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July 4, 2007
I Know Sacrifice Like The Back of My Hand


If the hand above looks a little less than normal it is because of the swelling.  As the kids ran around like banshees, the Toddler wipe out under the dining room table.  He decided to jump up and get on with the chase.  I happened to be standing at the perfect place to save another trip to the ER with one of my children.  He jumped up just under the corner of the Mission Style (the style not the position) dining table and me being a guy to take one for the team stuck my hand between his head and the strong as iron, sharp edge of the table.  His head acting as a sledge hammer smashed my hand against the table edge and I felt the pain radiate to the little toe of my left foot.  After the cussing and holding back tears to be the cool man I always pretend to be the swelling began. Of course, the sympathy factor from Mrs. G was:

“Stop your whining already.” ~ Mrs G

So I turned to my blog and will whine to everyone else.  Of course it takes forever to type this many words.  It really cramps my style of my sex life these days too. (Oh wait…was that out loud?)

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