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April 24, 2011
Hoppy Easter!


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June 6, 2007
She Used That Verb Again

whttip sharkHow do you know you are rubbing off on your kids? I used to hate it when I would ask my parents how to spell something and they would tell me to go and look it up. If I knew how to look it up I would probably know how to spell it! I thought that was the point. Whenever I have a hard time answering a question I turn to the all knowing man behind the curtain. This well thought out question came to me today.

Genuine Girl: If sharks never stop swimming do they ever sleep?

My deer in the headlights look must have shown itself quickly because she quickly added:

Genuine Girl: Well then can you Google it?

The Internet is changing how we all seem to learn these days. Even the function on Google can help a person spell. Just do it phoenitically and Google will ask you…”did you mean?” My parents ordered me some encyclopedias when I was little and I can still remember going to the post office a mile away on a walk each day to see if a new volume had shown up. I would rush home with the new volume and quickly look at all the pictures just absorbing as much info as possible. Now we turn to Google and can find out just about anything, or perhaps we can. So do sharks ever sleep? Google it and find out.



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April 7, 2007
The Rumor of My Demise is Greatly Exaggerated

Just because Captain America has been assassinated and has left us, does not mean that Captain Genuine will follow that lead. We have been very sick with cold and flu here, and with Spring Break, and with business as usual, my blogging has taken a vacation, but I intend to update regularly now.  We will have some Easter Egg coloring pics up later I assume since that familiar vinegar smell is coming from the kitchen as I type this and the children are winding up like Taz.  I’ll make sure to keep you posted.  Anyone want deviled eggs?

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