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June 19, 2011
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August 10, 2008
…And Then There Were Three

The world watched as you came into my life.  I was so excited I could not begin to put words to your introduction into my life, but I tried.  It was the last time I would have the experience and the last time I would be able to, but it left an indelible mark as did any of the others, and it was my last taste of miracles that I would call my children.  I am sure there are other experiences in this world for me but none more lasting and more fulfilling than the birth of a child and the gift I was given that day.

cdt3 They call you “Daddy’s Boy.”  I’m not sure why but to say that you and I have known each other the longest on a more personal level.  I have been a longer part of your daily life than others. You have helped me grow as a stay at home dad, and as a daily hands on parent, and have helped me to understand the others in different eyes.  I have been with you through teething, through sickness, through joy and laughter on a daily basis.  The other children I was not able to experience these things in my previous career, but with you I had an up close and personal look at what it is like to be a baby and a toddler. I was able to teach you certain things and be there to be a part of your triumphs and your failures, and to praise you or console you as each moment was experienced.  Today you celebrate your third year as my third son.  I hope that this day brings your the joy it did when I held you for the first time and introduced myself as your daddy.  I remember saying to myself in a quip as I saw you lying in your crib in our home for the first time…”and then there were three.”  God blessed me with you and now I hope he can bless you with a beautiful birthday!


I hope you are dreaming of all you want in this world and that those dreams come true.  You were my dream, a gift, a blessing.

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May 3, 2008
Medicate When In Doubt

A few years back my friend Mindy of the Mommy Blog sent me a video that she had been sent about children’s valium called Kidstoned. I ran across it again on YouTube the other day and I had to share it again. I need to find out which of my local pharmacies sells this over the counter.

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